Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pick a cause

Have you ever been solicitated to give money for a cause? Of course you have been.
There is so many causes out there you could give one dollar to every cause you come across and would not have enough for everyone with a one year salary.

So how do you choose your cause?
Do you base your decision on life experiences?
On situation that you judge should be paid more attention to?
How much should you give a year?
How do you know when you give that this person is not putting the money in their own pockets?
I guess for all of the above you have to go with the feeling that the cause gives you.

My cause is AIDS. Not that I think that others are not good causes, but I picked this one based on a personal experience while working in a hospital a few years ago.
A very bad experience filled with fear ,illness and death.

Maybe if something comes to get me inside like this one did, I'll have 2 causes.
In the meantime, every time there's a little booth, I give a little.
A little can sometimes make a big difference.

Do you have a cause you carry close to you heart? and why that one?


Gracie said...

It's great that you have chosen a cause. It's hard to chose sometimes but I guess you go by where you think you can help the most. I sponsor a child and I get involved with a lot of areas when it comes to poverty and children.

Andhari said...

Usually dangerous disease like cancers or aids. and kids with special needs / educations.:)