Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Habs

Hockey season is just on the start line.
Right now pre-season games have started.
Tonight I watched my first Habs game of this season.
What a disappointment!

I don't know the coach and haven't heard anything good about him.
I don't know most of the players on the team.
The ones I know , half of them still make the same beginners mistakes as last season and the other half is already injured.
The main goalie, the golden child as they call him, is just getting worst each game he plays, yet the general manager worships him.

So my opinion is, this season will suck as much as last season, unless a miracle happens.
They will do like they have been doing the past years, make it to the playoffs on their asses and then lose in the first series.

And to make my disappointment even bigger. I tried again this year to get tickets and the website had bugs again, so no tickets for the second year in a row.
I wrote another complaint letter and again they never answer.

Maybe I should switch teams.


kim said...

ya.....go Bruins go??

Joanne said...

You can always cheer for Edmonton.. we need all the help we can get :)