Monday, November 30, 2009

Girly girl movies

I've been wanting to do an evening of girly girl movies, but I just don't know what to rent.
I think the two the last girly girl movie I saw was Sex in the city and PS I love you and both of these movies have been out for a while.

Anyone of you seen good movies lately?
The time travelers wife?
The breakup?
The Ugly truth?
The proposal?

Give me your best suggestion to make me cry (believe me I don't need much)

Let me know :)


Just Add Walter said...

they are all great movies.

time travelers wife: tear jerker
breakup: easy for people to relate to perhaps?
ugly truth: hilarious
the proposal: funny and dorky at the same time?

I would vote time traveler or ugly truth out of those choices.

if you want a REAL tear jerker go see "my sisters keeper" -- you will cry your eyes out!!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Well if you guys wanna cry a little time traveler's wife is good. Have you seen THE NOTEBOOK? That's one of my all time favorite tear jerker movie. hehehe. =) Also watching scary movies is fun, especially if it's with friends where you guys can just scream and laugh.

Andhari said...

The Ugly Truth and The Proposal are good movies.:)I like romantic comedies, although I usually watch trashy movies more. How about old nineties teen movies? They're always good. And if you want something a bit indie yet will still make you cry, I recommend 500 Days Of Summer.

Ps. How about He's Not Just That Into You and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past?

Breanna said...

Ok maybe I am just emotional but I loved Time travelers wife and I boo hooed my face off. It was a great movie, but goodness at the tears.

the breakup is halarious. I think I have seen it like 500 times. you will love it..I think every girl is like this to an extent.

The Ugly truth was ok. Not one of my top pics though.

The proposal was good too! its one you will like I am sure!

Happy tuesday!


Carrie said...

The Proposal was cute. I'm in the middle of The Ugly Truth (I watch it on my train commute home) and it's good so far. Steer clear of Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. I thought it looked so cute but it was terrible.

Becky said...

Liked all of them. Time travelers was great! very sad! The ugly truth was disappointing, i thought it was going to be better.. But gerard butler is in it sooooo.. Its always a win:-) the breakup was hilarious but a little depressing. the proposal was great although a little far fetched. I actually liked ghosts of girlfriends past. or maybe i just like matthew :-) Let me ponder for awhile, I'll try to think of some other ones:-)