Friday, November 20, 2009

It's my B-day and the winner is...

Today is November 20th and it is my B-day. I am now 31 years old.

I don't feel any different except that I took a day off work and that I have change categories in the box checking world.

I'll blog later on this weekend to tell you what I did for my 3 day long B-day weekend, but for now let's talk gift.

My B-day, but I have a gift for one of you lucky bloggers!

First of all here are the answers to my 5 questions:

1- My B-day is November 20th
2- My lucky number is 14
3- My boyfriends name is Darren
4- I am addicted to blogging and chocolate
5- I am afraid of thunderstorms and clowns

Want to know who is the winner? Me too, I think a 3 week long giveaway wait is way too long. So next one, because I'll do another one for Christmas, will be only one week.

Congrats to Amy from Just Add Walter!!!
Just email me your address and I will send you the pink parcel :)


Mme. Pistolio said...

Bonne fête! Passe une super journée! Laisse toi gâter!

carrie1 said...

YAY.... happy birthday! 30's the new 20! =)

Andhari said...

Happy birthday!! Enjoy your special day and I hope you're getting pampered :)

مى said...

Happy Birthdaaaaayyyyy!!! Omg I can't believe I only checked my reader today :(:(

So sorry I'm two days late. Maybe next year I can be two days early? :)

Ta nouvelle photo est trop mignonne ;) xx

Just Add Walter said...

I have been sick and just now able to catch up on my reading!!


Second: YAY!!!! I am so excited!! emailing you now!!