Monday, November 9, 2009

My best friend's dad

My best friend moved to Gaspésie 2 months ago.
I miss her like crazy, even if in these 2 months she has come back 3-4 times.

The last time I would of wished that she never had to come. A call from her mother to tell her, her dad got rushed to the hospital.
He is a man in his 60's in shape, what could have happened?

While trying to get up one morning his hip was torturing him, he couldn't get up. Off to the hospital Xray revealed a broken hip and an inflammation of the ganglions.
A few tests and days later the diagnosis cancer. Very advanced cancer, in the tissues around the hip, in the in the intestines, stomach, esophagus and the ganglion's.

Then tonight she learn that it has spread out to the brain.
He has already done his first chemo treatment, but my friend even as a nurse is not very positive about the diagnosis.

I wish I could help her, do anything to take the pain away. She is now moving back here to be close to her dad. It is a lot of emotions in a very short period for her.

I love her so much.


carrie1 said...

Keeping you and your friend in my thoughts.

Gracie said...

Oh no that's really horrible news. My thoughts and prayers go out to her, her dad and family.

Becky said...

i can't even imagine. how horrible to have to deal with all of this in such a short time! i pray that you'll find the right words to say to her.

~KS said...

I will keep your friend, her daddy, and their entire family in my prayers... I am so sorry for your hurt :(

Andhari said...

Oh nooo that must be shocking and heartbreaking for her..I hope her dad is strong enough to battle it, dear. Keeping her, her dad and her family in my thoughts. You're a good friend, she needs you a lot at times like this..

Josie said...

OH :(

Transmets toutes mes bonnes pensées à D pour moi quand tu la verras...