Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturdays hot guy #4

Ladies, I am loving this task that I am imposing myself every Saturday.

My selection of the week is Marcus Patrick.

Born in Bath England in June 1974, he is the second child of three. Now live somewhere in the US. He did a fabulous photo shoot for Playgirl in September's of 2007. I cant seem to find if he is single or not so no dreams are crushed.

Here is his website. I am not able to see the pictures, but if you are..damn your lucky.


Chiquita Banana said...

Moi je suis encore flabeurgastée par le Hot Guy #2 oufffff

~KS said...

Ummm. yup. he's hot.

keep posting. this is so much fun!

and i love your new header... it is awesome!!!