Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Operation peanut butter

This morning as I am lying in bed because my stomach kept me home, I got mad because I couldnt tie my hair in a pony tail. My mind started to wonder how could I make my hair grow back faster?

I remembered this kids movie when I was young made by a Quebec producer called 'Opération beurre de pinottes' which means in English Operation peanut butter.
It is a movie where a kid discovers that if you put peanut butter on yourself (with a little bit of magic) your hair will grow non stop and fast. In the movie it does get out of control and is pretty funny but what if I tried it?

So picture me with the jar of Skippy with a big spatula covering up my hair in peanut butter. Hands full of PB, counter top and floor a complete mess.

Got a good laugh? me too so I didnt try it.

I googled to see if the was an actual miracle recipe and there isn't. Don't wash your hair every day, brush it very often and don't tie it up in a pony tail.

What was I thinking when I got my hair cut so short?


Kimmy said...

Hahahahaha you actually did it? you're too cute!!

Andhari said...

That is sooo cute. Not that I can try it, I'm afraid the neighbor's dog will lick my hair or bite my head off. He likes peanut butter. Weird. Lol.

Anyhoo, why shouldn't you wash your hair everyday if you wanna grow it? I wanna knoooow. Because I do. If it stunts the growth then I won't :p

Becky said...

oohh my word! too funny! you sound just like one of my good friends...PB in the hair sounds like something she would try!

i haven't gotten my hair cut...yet. this makes me glad i haven't!