Monday, November 2, 2009

Organ donation

Here in Quebec we have a great health care system. It basically pays for almost any treatments or exam that you could need.
We have a health card that is given to us at birth and with this card we can get all heath care we need without being asked a penny.

At the back of this card there is a square where you can stick a sticker and sign your name. By signing your name you accept, in case of death, to donate your organs that are still healthy.

When I was younger, I was very frighten by the idea of someone else living with my eyes, lungs or heart, but specially by the idea that I would be cut into pieces.

Today, I just see it as being somebody's hero.

So how does it work where you live?
Can you be a hero too?
Do you want to be a hero?

I sure hope to live old, but if I were to die young, I would love to be a hero.


Gracie said...

Sounds like good health care. We can sign up for being an organ donor if we want to. It's usually on our license. I'm still undecided but I'm leaning towards it because why would I need these bits after I'm gone.

carrie1 said...

We have a little heart on our license for donors. I'm a donor, if I can help someone else out when I have passed why not?!? =)

Anonymous said...

i've always wanted to be an organ donor...but i always forget to do it when i renew my license! i think it's great!