Friday, November 27, 2009


After a long week at work with many hours of overtime, and living lots of emotions lately I offered myself a little (shopping) therapy session tonight.
I spoiled myself and it feels great!

Here are my purchases:

2 T-shirts (a purple and a white)

A pair of jeans

A lingerie kit (like this one but purple)

A comfy pair of shoes

A purple top

I also bought myself a ring that divides in 3 with a big flat ivory stone in the middle which is very pretty and a Christmas gift for D.

I feel much better, but I think I'll got back...I still want a pair of earrings.


Andhari said...

Gotta love retail therapy! It does have healing power. Such a pretty lingerie kit by the way. I'm glad you feel better :)

~KS said...

I love retail therapy... I have discovered that purses seem to be my therapy item. I really NEVER buy them... unless I'm sad. Good thing I only have 2... means I'm not sad all that often which is good!

Caro said...

KS I work on a street that is called the fashion headquarters of Montreal of something like that, and there are purse sales from designers the entire month of December.